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Ride, Hike, Run:


Discover hiking trails, mountain bike trails and more outdoor activities.

What is ActiFinder?

ActiFinder lets you discover hiking trails, mountain bike trails and other outdoor activities near you!

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Find and join cycling, mountain biking and trail running events.

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Discover new hiking trails, mountain bike trails & other outdoor activities.

Panic Button Save Our Souls

Stay safe where ever you go with free, built-in panic & check-in features.

  • Track & record your running, biking and hiking experiences or any outdoor activity!
  • Stay safe out there with our emergency contact panic button and check-in feature!
  • Discover & share exciting new places for hiking, running, cycling and more!
  • Follow venues, events & people so you never miss a beat!
  • Get notified of activities in your area.
  • Manage your active life – from venues & locations to routes & individual activities.

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Discover Activities

Getting out there has never been easier.

Find and participate in out-door activities in and around your area. Find the perfect cycling trail that fits your challenge rating or discover an exciting new group of street runners who are active in your area that you were completely unaware of.

From jogging to swimming – you’ll find it on ActiFinder!

Engage Events

From across the country or down the road!

Discover related events for your favorite activities. Stage information, technical difficulty, recommended fitness levels, route lengths and notifications at your fingertips.

See galleries of photos and videos from previous events to always know what to expect.

ActiFinder Notifications and Wearable Watch

Stay Safe

Convenient panic button

Get easy access to an emergency contact panic button – so that when you are out on a trail or hitting the streets, you have quick and convenient access to a panic button that will automatically call and alert your customisable emergency contacts.

Link your Apple Watch to ActiFinder for enhanced safety features with SafeAF!

Manage your Active Life

Uncover & control a world of activities.

Find fellow activity enthusiasts, become friends and share experiences then get access to a dashboard to create and manage groups and track all the details and information you could ever need.

Create free, featured or sponsored events. Define a route as you run it. Upload map data. Share your routes. Get out there.

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  • South Africa provides a nature lover an endless amount of hiking trails, which revolves around the most important topic of them all, safety.

  • South Africa provides a nature lover an endless amount of hiking trails, which revolves around the most important topic of them all, safety.

  • Welcome to our blog! During my time working for ActiFinder I’ve been able to explore some really cool places. Here I’ve compiled a list of my favorite



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