Unveiling the Minds Behind ActiFinder: A Groundbreaking App Redefining Outdoor Safety Technology

Unveiling the minds of ActiFinder: Redefining outdoor safety technology

Interviewing Paul and Anthony.

In the realm of business, understanding the vision, drive, and strategies of its leaders is paramount to comprehending the essence of the enterprise itself. This expert roundup takes you on a journey into the minds of ActiFinder’s Directors, Paul Schreuder and Anthony Plews. Their profound dedication to the outdoors, coupled with their business acumen, has paved the way for ActiFinder to revolutionize safety technology for outdoor activities.

1. Introducing the Visionaries: Paul Schreuder and Anthony Plews

Experts: Paul Schreuder, Co-founder and Director; Anthony Plews, Co-founder and Director

Paul Schreuder and Anthony Plews, partners in Apstory and ActiFinder, bring decades of experience in the IT industry. With a passion for outdoor pursuits deeply ingrained in their lives, they embarked on a journey to merge their technical expertise with their love for nature and adventure. Their shared interests and athletic backgrounds laid the foundation for ActiFinder’s inception.

ActiFinder Team Member Paul SchreuderActiFinder Team Member Anthony Plews

Paul Schreuder and Anthony Plews.

2. From Sports Enthusiasts to Tech Innovators: The Passion Behind ActiFinder

Expert: Anthony Plews, Co-founder and Director

Anthony Plews recounts the pivotal moment that sparked ActiFinder’s creation. During a mountain biking trip, he realized the need for a mobile app that could provide reliable information about outdoor trails. Struggling to find suitable routes, he recognized the absence of a comprehensive platform for outdoor enthusiasts. This insight became the catalyst for ActiFinder’s development, driven by the desire to enhance safety and trail discovery.

ActiFinder AF Icon

The ActiFinder Logo.

3. Evolving Beyond Trail Information: Enhancing Outdoor Experiences

Experts: Paul Schreuder, Co-founder and Director; Anthony Plews, Co-founder and Director

What began as a solution for trail discovery soon evolved into a multifaceted platform. ActiFinder’s evolution was driven by listening to its users. Safety emerged as a paramount concern, especially in regions with challenging terrain. ActiFinder embraced risk management principles and introduced features like SafeAF to empower users to engage in outdoor activities confidently. The platform expanded to cater to event organizers and venue owners, ensuring real-time tracking and safety management.

ActiFinder Live Beacon Tracking Portal.

4. A Glimpse into the Future: ActiFinder’s Ambitions

Expert: Paul Schreuder, Co-founder and Director

Paul Schreuder envisions ActiFinder becoming an integral part of outdoor enthusiasts’ planning and safety processes. The aim is to provide a comprehensive tool that enhances every outdoor adventure by combining essential safety features with trail information. Additionally, ActiFinder aspires to be the go-to resource for event organizers and venue owners seeking risk management solutions.

ActiFinder Live Beacon Tracking Mobile.

5. Fostering Team Dynamics and Balance: The ActiFinder Work Environment

Experts: Paul Schreuder, Co-founder and Director; Anthony Plews, Co-founder and Director

Recognizing the significance of a harmonious work environment, Paul and Anthony have cultivated a virtual workspace that encourages flexibility and creativity. Despite the digital landscape, they emphasize the value of in-person interactions, fostering connection through workshops and shared experiences. Trust and flexibility remain central to their team’s success, enabling a healthy work-life balance.

In this exclusive interview with ActiFinder’s Directors, we’ve delved into the minds behind an app that has redefined safety technology in outdoor activities. Paul Schreuder and Anthony Plews, driven by their passion for the outdoors and fueled by their technical prowess, have propelled ActiFinder to new heights. From humble beginnings as a trail discovery platform to an all-encompassing outdoor safety tool, ActiFinder continues to evolve, promising an exciting future of innovation and empowerment for adventurers worldwide.

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