ActiFinder’s “My Giba Run” Gazebo Day

ActiFinder’s “My Giba Run” Gazebo Day

This past weekend, the ActiFinder team had the pleasure of hosting a Gazebo Day at the beautiful Giba Gorge, an event that turned out to be both enjoyable and productive. Nestled in the heart of nature, Giba Gorge provided the perfect backdrop for a day dedicated to building connections, promoting health, and engaging with the local community.

We were very fortunate to spend quality time with the organisers of “My Giba Run.” This team has been instrumental in creating a vibrant running community in the area, and our conversations were both insightful and motivating. The organisers shared their passion for getting outdoors, and their commitment to keeping the event going was inspirational.

A key part of our engagement involved showcasing ActiFinders’ innovative features, designed to enhance safety and event coordination for runners. Demonstrating our live beacon tracking system, we illustrated how runners can be monitored in real-time, ensuring their safety while on the trails. Learn more about our Live Tracking feature!

ActiFinder’s Live Tracking Feature.

Our panic feature also garnered significant interest, offering runners an added layer of security with the ability to alert emergency contacts at the push of a button. Learn more about our Panic feature!

ActiFinder’s Panic Feature.

Additionally, the event finding feature, which helps runners discover and participate in upcoming events, was well-received as a valuable tool for the running community. Read more about the Discover page!

ActiFinder’s Discover Page.

The sense of community and shared purpose was palpable throughout the day. From laughs, big smiles, happy furry friends and a delicious breakfast after the run/walk, this was an event everyone should go be a part of!

As we look back on this memorable day, we are filled with gratitude for everyone who took the time to stop by and connect with us, along with Chris and Jo, the managers of Giba Gorge, who very kindly let us host the gazebo day. The support and kind words we received have strengthened our resolve to continue growing ActiFinder. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to more such events in the future.

In conclusion, ActiFinders’ Gazebo Day at Giba Gorge was a resounding success, thanks to the wonderful runners and the dedicated “My Giba Run” organisers. We are eager to build on the foundations laid during this event and are committed to contributing positively to the Giba Gorge community. Until next time, keep running, stay healthy, and let’s continue to support one another on this journey.

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